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How do i do my taxes myself

how do i do my taxes myself


Best Answer: There are a lot of online places where you can do your taxes for free.

has a list of many companys that do electronic filing for free including h&r block, turbo tax and others.

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I have been using free file thru HRBlock online (e-file and direct deposit. refunds in about 10-12 days..including weekends)

If you make less than 54K/yr you can qualify for free file. Go to and click on the freefile link. Find a company that participates, (I use HR Block) and use the online program.

It's VERY EASY, (for me anyway) and everything is explained in detail and in laymen's terms. If you are not sure of a certain question you can either just answer or click "guide me through" and

you will be asked more questions to help you choose.

For example, to choose which filing option, there's single, head of household, married filing jointly, or married filing seperately. If you aren't sure, you would click "Guide me through" and they would ask more questions to help them help you decide.

using the freefile thru IRS is a free FEDERAL return, but state will cost you about $30. You can also freefile thru your state's website, but I just pay the $30 because it's easier and more convienent to keep both my returns in one spot.

Returns are saved on the preparer's webisite for quite a few years. My returns go back to 2003 online.

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