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How Do I Figure The Net On My Income After Taxes

How Do I Figure The Net On My Income After Taxes

How Do I Figure The Net On My Income After Taxes.

With a little research, it is easy to figure out the net income after paying taxes. As a first step one, needs to prepare the income statement and the balance sheet. The income statement is also called the profit and loss statement. This statement shows one the list of his profits and losses incurred during that year.

Along with these statements, one needs to include the associated expense in the income statement. The associated expenses are the Federal or State taxes on one’s income, which includes revenue generated through sales, operating expenses and finally the net income for a specific time period. The time period can vary from a month to a year.

When taxes are paid in installments, it is listed as current liability on the balance sheet. This list is usually less than the total tax paid in that year. The tax on the income shown in the income

statement is the actual amount to be paid in taxes.

To calculate the net income you have in hand after paying taxes, one need to calculate all other expenses such as gain or loss on sales and/or bad debt recovery. These additional expenses and costs need to be added or subtracted from the operating profit amount. The calculated amount needs to be added to the amount to be paid in income taxes. The final amount after this calculation is the net income after taxes for that financial year.

Once one determines the net income of the year, it is easy for a person to determine his financial situation in that particular year. For example, a businessman can better understand how to run his business when he finds out his net income or profit made in that particular period.

Net income is usually stated on the last line, and so is often referred to as "the bottom line" of the tax sheet.

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