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How do i file a tax return online

how do i file a tax return online

How do I file a tax return online?

In filing a tax a return using this facility, the following pre-requisites are required:

    Ensuring that all persons being assigned to process the return online for the individual/ entity possess a Jamaica Tax Portal login. (instructions on how to create a login can be found on the left of your screen ) Ensuring that the entity/ Individual possess a valid TRN;

Upon accomplishing these pre-requisites, the following steps are to be taken to be registered:

    Visit any collectorate of choice and request the “Electronic Filing Account Registration Form (EF02) or download the application form from the Forms link. Submit the completed form along with the following documents to the Taxpayer service unit at any Inland Revenue collectorate of choice:

- Authorization letter from the entity/ individual applying for the access (not needed if the applicant and authorising officer are the sameperson)

- TRN of the entity/individual and Authorising officer

- TRN of the agents indicated

on the application form.

** Please note that a form is to be completed for each branch of the entity that uses the same TRN to transact business .

Upon satisfactory submission of the required documents, a confirmation email will be sent to the registered parties for them to conduct their e-filing activities.

Filing a return

Log into tax portal

    Select “Signing Agents” to change authorization key for signing agent Select “File Return” and input requested information. The information entered is validated at this point after which Show form” is selected Fill out form. Signing agents select “add signature” and users with data entry access (permitted logins) select “store incomplete form” Signing agent select “sign” Signing agent inputs their TRN and authorization key and the confirmation then select “accept” – Note that the accept button will not be enabled unless the value being entered in the confirmation is correct . Confirmation of submission is displayed with reference number after the signing is successfully completed. Select “print” to display and save return.

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