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How do i file taxes electronically

how do i file taxes electronically


Best Answer: Hi Arby, if this is the first time you are filing an income tax return, unfortunately, you CANNOT netfile your tax return.

CRA sent out packages back in January 2007 to those who are eligible to use netfile.

If you didn't receive a package with a 4 digit access code from CRA, you can still call the efile help desk at 1-800-714-7257. They will let you know if you are eligible to use CRA's netfile services.

If the efile help desk provides you with the 4 digit code you require for netfiling, then you need to go to CRA's website below:

You CANNOT netfile the PDF format, it must be saved in a format called ".tax". Keep in mind that the PDF format is your readable copy of your 2006 income tax return, the ".tax" format is the encrypted data that gets sent to CRA.

When you get to the netfile link that I provided, there is an option on the page that says "file now".

You click on that, and

it will take you to another page, on which you would be asked to provide specific information, such at SIN, date of birth and your 4 digit access filing number.

You would send the file you saved in the .tax format to CRA. Then, CRA confirms if your data was successfully received, as they would provide you with a six digit confirmation number.

Keep this confirmation number for your records until your 2006 income tax return is processed.

I hope this information helps you, and if you need further assistance, you are welcome to email me through yahoo answers.

EDIT @ 12:23 PM APRIL 30, 2007

Hi Arby, I just read the response posted right after mine from house angel, and would like to comment further:

You CANNOT send the PDF document to CRA via netfile. It will be automatically rejected.

It MUST BE in the .TAX format

Efiling can only be done throught those preparers who are licensed with CRA as efile agents.

I hope this additional information helps you.

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