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How do i file taxes for previous years

how do i file taxes for previous years

Canada: Girlfriend did not file tax return since 2006. What to do?

I was just starting my girlfriend's tax return when I realized I didn't have her notice of assessment from 2009. I wanted her tuition carry forward so I decided to call revenue Canada to see what the amount was. To my surprise she has not filed a tax return since 2006.

Her father told her that he had filed a tax return every year but it looks like he actually didn't. She called him and he said that he did her taxes but did not mail them in because the amounts of money were small (facepalm).

My girlfriend was a student between 2006 and 2011 so I want to make sure that she gets her student tax credits and if she has penalties I want to make sure they

are minimized.

I used TurboTax to do my own taxes this year and was using it to do her 2011 taxes, but I am stymied about what to do now. What is the best way to file taxes from previous years. Do I need to file those taxes before filing 2011?

What would you do in this situation? TurboTax has versions of the software dating back to 2007, so I could download those and to do her taxes. For all 2007-2010, the software will cost $250.

Revenue Canada is mailing me/her the T4s from the previous years.

Alternately, I was wondering if I should get an accountant to do it for her. Any estimates on whether this would be easy? What would an accountant charge to do this? I know that H&R Block gets a bad rap around here.

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