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can I file my taxes without my W2

how do i file taxes without w2

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5:43 pm PST January 24, 2014


Hello- You might be able to file your return using information from your last pay stub or paycheck of the year -- but that doesn't mean you should.

We know that you count on getting your refund as quickly as possible. However, many tax experts advise against filing without your W-2.

Why? Because in your hurry, you could cause your refund to be delayed for weeks.

Important: Filing your return using only your last pay stub or paycheck could create headaches for you later:

  • The IRS or your state might send you notices, if what's on your pay stub doesn't match what's on your W-2. The W-2 contains specific data

    that isn't always on your paycheck.

  • If the numbers you enter on your return don't match your W-2, the IRS could hold up your refund for weeks until the differences are resolved.
  • You might have to amend your return, If you do file with your pay stub only and some figures differ from your W-2. That can be time-consuming. 

As soon as you receive your W-2 (employers are required to mail it by January 31), you can use our TurboTax Import feature.

Hope this helps and thank you for using TurboTax!

If your employer participates, import your data automatically to save time and ensure your return is accurate.

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