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How do i find my tax district

how do i find my tax district

Is there anyone who can help me file a petition and/or help me in my case against the IRS?

Yes. You may hire an attorney or other person admitted to practice before the Tax Court to represent you before the Tax Court.

You might qualify for help from an organization referred to as a tax clinic. There are a number of tax clinics throughout the United States participating in the Tax Court’s Clinical Program. You may want to contact a clinic in your geographic area. The Internal Revenue Service (Taxpayer Advocate Service) has a list of tax clinics on its Web site. The clinics have income restrictions, and a representative of the clinic will let you know whether you qualify to be represented. The Tax Court will send you information about tax clinics when you file your petition and when a Notice of Trial is sent to you.

There is additional help from organizations we refer to as

calendar call programs. Tax practitioners volunteer their time to assist unrepresented low income taxpayers through professional organizations. If there is a participating Calendar Call Program in the city where you have requested trial, the judge may identify the volunteer practitioners at the beginning of the trial session.

These tax clinics and Bar-related calendar call programs are not part of the Internal Revenue Service or the Tax Court. The Tax Court does not endorse or recommend any particular tax clinic or Bar-related calendar call program.

You may be represented in your Tax Court case by a private attorney, a clinic representative, or other person admitted to practice before the Court. The agreement of representation is between you and the representative and is independent of the Tax Court or the IRS. Your representative must be admitted to practice before the Tax Court. All representatives who practice before the Tax Court are subject to the American Bar Association’s Model Rules of Professional Conduct.

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