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How do i find my unique tax reference number

how do i find my unique tax reference number

self-employed: How long to receive unique taxpayer ref?

Hello everyone and thanks for providing a wonderful forum resource, it's already answered many of my questions and put my mind at rest concerning matters of taxation which had previously been causing me much stress!

I am self employed and need to complete a self assessment form for 2009-2010 (my first year of self employment).

I understand that the deadline for a paper submission is the 31st of October 2010 and for an online submission is the 31st of January 2010. I would prefer to do this online as it's easier, however:

I do not seem to have received my unique taxpayer reference number.

I am registered as self employed and have been paying class 2 National Insurance contributions for the past year, but I have not received any correspondence from HMRC regarding tax returns or self assessment.

I've phoned the helplines and the final

answer I got was that I haven't been allocated a unique taxpayer reference number and I must request one in writing, which I have done, sending a registered letter to my tax office last week.

My questions are:

1) how long should I expect to wait to receive my UTR in the post? If it is several months (as I have been told by friends) then I may miss both the deadlines for filing my tax return

2) I believe I can pay tax without having a unique taxpayer reference (just with my national insurance number) but will have to do so on paper therefore I would need to do this within the next six weeks - from whom should I request a paper self assessment form?

Many thanks in advances for any help given, as you can understand it's my first time paying tax so am a little concerned and anxious about it!

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