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how do i find out if my cpa filed my tax return for 2010

how do i find out my tax return

replied 3 years ago.

Stephen E. Grizey.

Hi & thanks for using our service. I'll do my best to give you a complete & accurate answer. Please ask me to clarify anything you don't understand.

Stephen E. Grizey.

OK, electronic filing;


do you know a number that you can talk to a person at the irs

Stephen E. Grizey.

Then, if it is on file with the IRS, or if it isn't, I'd send him a certified letter, return receipt requested, and request a complete copy of your return; I'd give him 3 business days to get it to you.

Stephen E. Grizey.

In the letter you tell him that if he does not furnish you the copy of your return as required by IRS regulations. you are going to file a complain with the Texas Board of Public Accountancy and with the Profession Practice

Department of The Internal Revenue Service .

Stephen E. Grizey.

If that doesn't motivate him, nothing will; the reason it doesn't make any sense is that this is a serious violation of IRS regulations and could lead to severe sanctions by the IRS, including suspension of his right to prepare income tax returns, represent taxpayers before the IRS and even a loss of his CPA license.

Stephen E. Grizey.

If you don't hear from him or get your return, I'd file a complaint with the IRS first & see what happens;

Stephen E. Grizey.

If he made an error by not filing your return, if you didn't owe any money with the return there won't be any penalties or interest, but if there are, he will be responsible to pay them, and if the return hasn't been filed, then you'll have to file a paper return for 2010 ASAP.

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