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How do i get a copy of last years taxes

how do i get a copy of last years taxes

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4:27 pm PDT August 26, 2013

TurboTax Online 2012: Simply sign back in to TurboTax any time before October 15, 2013.

TurboTax Online 2011 or earlier: Click here for detailed instructions.

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Did you use the free edition last year. That doesn't allow access to prior years.

per TTx help center.

Unlike fuller-featured versions of TurboTax Online, our Federal Free Edition product does not include ongoing access or PDF copy retrieval of completed TurboTax Online returns. This is true even if you paid an extra fee in Federal Free Edition, for example if you chose to file a state return.

If you need a copy of your

prior-year return prepared through TurboTax Online Free Edition, here are several options:

Complete your 2012 return using TurboTax Online Basic, Deluxe, Premier, or Home & Business to immediately enable access to all your TurboTax Online returns on file.

Request a free transcript of your federal return from the IRS. A transcript is used to verify income and some financial institutions accept it as a substitute for your original tax return. Click here for instructions or see IRS Tax Tip 2011-13 for more details.

Order an exact copy of your tax return, including all attachments, from the IRS for $57.00. See IRS Tax Topic 156 for complete instructions.

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