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Get a Copy of Your Tax Return, IRS 1040 Extension Or Any Other Tax Form

how do i get a copy of tax return

Since we receive many e-mail requests each and every day concerning where to get copies of tax returns, I have set up a page for that purpose.

IRS Form 4506 is the Request for Copy or Transcript of Tax Form. You can use the form to request:

1) Copies of filed 1040 tax returns;

2) Tax return transcript;

3) Form W-2 & 1099 information.

IRS Form 4868 is the Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return.

1) While you do need to estimate your tax liability, you do NOT need to pay the tax in order for the extension to be valid;

2) You will still pay a failure to pay penalty and interest if you do not pay the full of amount of tax due on your return.

IRS Form 8822 is the Change of Address. If you have moved and want to ensure that your refund or rebate check finds its way to you, complete this form.

All other IRS forms & publications can be found here. Please do not e-mail us with requests for forms. Unfortunately, we cannot respond

to those inquiries.

The forms are in Adobe PDF format. If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, you may download it from the Adobe web site.

The form 4506 is available as a fill-in. Fill-in forms allow you to enter information while the form is displayed by an Adobe Acrobat 4.0 product and then print the completed form out. Fill-in forms give you a cleaner crisper printout for your records and for faxing. You may, of course, print it out and complete it "manually".

Many people do NOT need actual copies of their returns and can instead request a tax return transcript. Transcripts are free, but copies of the return cost $23 each. In addition, transcripts are usually received in two weeks, but copies take four to six weeks.

You may also use the form 4506 to get W-2 & 1099 income and withholding information so that you can complete delinquent returns. However, the IRS does NOT have information on state income tax withholding. how do i get a copy of tax return

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