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How to Get a Georgia State Sales Tax Number

how do i get a sales tax number

If you're setting up shop in Georgia, a state tax identification number, or STIN, is a must. You'll use this number for tax payments and returns filed with the state. The application process involves a two-page form for basic business information, which can be mailed, faxed or filed online.

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Required Numbers for the Application

Georgia requires applicants to provide their business name, location and federal employer identification number, as well as the Social Security number of all company officers. Non-citizens without Social Security numbers must provide the IRS-issued individual tax identification number, or a foreign country's government-issued identification number.

Completing the Application

Businesses apply for tax registration through the Georgia Tax Center, which offers an online application. The agency provides Form CRF-002, the paper application, upon request. On this form, you identify the type of business you have, such as a sole proprietorship or a limited liability company, as well as the specific tax license you're applying for, such as sales and use tax.

Additional Business Info


Georgia tax registration application requires additional information, including phone number, fax number, date of first business operation, fiscal year end month, accounting method, and the activity your business carries on, whether retail, manufacturing, wholesale, construction or service. These activities can be broken down by percentage, if you're not confined to a single type. The last section of the application requests information on the number of employees you have, the date of your first payroll, and other payroll withholding information.

Filing the Form

The form can be downloaded and completed, then mailed to the Georgia Department of Revenue, Registration and Licensing Unit. An easier method is to complete the form online, which allows you easily change information, review the completed form, and print it out, keeping a copy for your own records before filing. An online application is submitted by going through a series of screens, then clicking on a Submit button, after which the agency e-mails a receipt to the applicant. If any questions or problems arise, contact the Department of Revenue Taxpayer Services Division at 877-423-6711.

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