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How do i get my property taxes reassessed

how do i get my property taxes reassessed

How to Get Your Property Reassessed, Which Will Lower Your Property Taxes, Due to Proposition 8

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June 12, 2008 - PRLog -- If you have purchased a home within the 2003-2007, your property tax bill is probably too high! Many home owners don't know that, under Proposition 8, they are entitled to file an appeal to have their home reassessed, more accurately reflecting today's lower property values. Since a homeowner’s property tax bill is based on the assessed value of that home, a reduction in assessed value will yield a reduction in property tax!

Time is running out for homeowners to file for a reassessment of their homes for tax year 2008-2009. Interested homeowners should contact one of our Prop8.ORG customer service representatives, who are very knowledgeable in researching comparable values to help in preparing your appeal, and, very possibly, reducing their property taxes. Why pay more tax than you have to? Not to mention it is FREE!

I, Shane Barker, am one of the founding CEO of Prop8 Associates, LLC,

which I co-founded after serving on the Board of Director’s at RCG. In addition to my leadership of Prop8 Associates, LLC, I am also the co-founder of Cashout Options, Equity Flips, Bailout Help and a number of other real estate websites. I graduated from California State University of Sacramento, Business Administration and Intensa, Costa Rica Spanish Language School is an accomplished entrepreneur, investor, foreclosure specialist, traveler and father. My desire to educate others about real estate is driven by my love to help others.

Please visit our website, for the answers to Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have questions or concerns, contact me via phone or e-mail. I look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions. Call 916-570-3577 or email me at

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About Prop8.ORG:

Prop8.ORG is a consumer advocate group that was formed specifically to assist California Property Owners to reduce their property taxes in a declining market. We are here to assist, guide and manage that process on behalf of the property owner.

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