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How do i get my tax number

how do i get my tax number

From the Mechanical Turk homepage, click on the "View a HIT in this group" link to see a specific HIT. Preview the HIT before you decide to accept it. If you want to complete the HIT, select the gold "Accept HIT" button. Complete the HIT according to the Requester instructions, and select the "Submit HIT" button. After you submit your results for the HIT, another similar HIT will be presented for you to accept.

A Requester may reject your work if they believe the answer is wrong, the HIT was not completed correctly, or that the instructions were not followed. If you believe that your work was rejected in error, you may decide to contact the Requester directly.

You can reach out to a Requester by following these steps:

1) Go to the HITs tab on the Worker website and search for HITs containing the Requester's name.

2) Click on the title of the HIT in question.

3) On the

lower right-hand side of the box, click Contact the Requester of this HIT.

Your name and e-mail address will be made available to the requester when you submit the "Contact the Requester of this HIT" form.

After you have sent your message, you may need to wait a few days for a reply. Some Requesters do not monitor their messages every day.

Requesters can specify a HIT's "Allotted Time" or how long a Worker can hold on to a HIT. Once the Worker accepts the HIT, a timer begins counting up to the HIT's allotted time. This timer is visible to the Worker on the Worker web site. When the timer reaches the HIT's allotted time, the HIT is made available for other Workers to accept and work on. This ensures that work is completed in a reasonable time period.

For example, a HIT that asks Workers for any personally identifiable information including name and email address violates the Participation Agreement.

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