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How do i get tax back

how do i get tax back

Quote: pog it I rang up Revenue who said get the registration number of the company I work for and then ring back and they'd sort out giving me back the tax I was charged on emergency. When I rang back I got a different person and they said that I would have to get my employer to do it as they couldn't deal with me until 2009-- then I asked my employer who said that they cannot release tax credits for me, that it needs to be done via Revenue directly by me.

Who's right. Wanna sort this asap. Thx

if it is tax for this current year,2008, you call the revenue and give them the details of the company you are woking for at present like the company reg number, date waork commenced, etc. then they send out an amended tax cert. they will send you a copy and your emplyer a copy. your employer will then be able to work out the correct amount of tax you should be paying and they will also give you back any additional tax that you paid

i.e. emergency tax. it should be paid back along with your pay cheque.

if the emergency tax was paid last year, 2007, then it is up to the tax office to issue you a cheque for any extra tax you paid last year. you will need to complete a form and put in a claim for the extra oney paid. it can take a few weeks to get th money back though.

bascially your employer makes tax and prsi deductions from your pay cheque each week / month. but they only send that money and information to the revenue ofice the following year. so the tax you had deducted for 2007 doesnt get to the revenue until after january 2008, and so on. so therefore the revenue have no idea how much tax you have paid this year, 2008, and they wont know until after jauary 2009. so any extra tax paid would have to be reclaimed from your employer. BUT your employer needs certain informtaion from the revenue before they can release money, like the correct tax credit information or your P45 from you last employer.

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