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How do i know if my taxes were filed

how do i know if my taxes were filed

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Tax Software Updates

If you used a tax software program to file your taxes, you can check your return status through the software provider. If you provide your email address, most tax software will send you an email confirmation when the IRS accepts your tax return. Software programs also typically have an application that allows you to check the status of your return by logging into your account. Check your software provider's page of frequently asked questions or call customer service for more information.

IRS Database

If your software provider doesn't provide status updates or you prepared your return yourself, you'll need to contact the IRS for information. If you mailed the return, allow four weeks after mailing before contacting the agency. Information related to refunds in particular is generally available 72 hours after the IRS accepts your return. Information is updated only once every 24 hours, so there's

no need to contact the agency more frequently than that.

Verify By Phone

English and Spanish speakers can check on the status of a tax return by calling the IRS TeleTax System at 800-829-4477. If you want to check on the status of a refund, call 800-829-1954 instead. Have your Social Security number, your filing status and the amount of your expected refund ready for the telephone representative.

Other Verification Technology

The IRS now operates a 24-hour online application, "Where's My Refund?," for taxpayers to check the status of tax filings and refunds. You'll need your Social Security number, your tax filing status and the amount of any refund due. If you e-filed your return, wait 24 hours after the IRS acknowledged receipt of your return. Taxpayers can also check their refund status through the official IRS smartphone app, "IRS2Go." The app is available in both the Apple store and the Android marketplace.

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