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How will I know if my bank account will be garnished?

how do i know if my taxes will be garnished

Posted April 7, 2011 6:26am

A judgment from one state can be domesticated in any other state. There are even international treaties that allow it to be enforced in other countries.

Be sure that the company does not try to evade the laws that protect you from illegal collection attempts from non-domesticated judgments. I have seen debt collection agencies attempt to enforce an out-of-state judgment on someone living in another state, by taking advantage of the fact that the employer or the bank had offices in the state where the judgment was filed, but the employee/account holder lived in another state. That is most likely illegal and you should be sure to consult with an attorney who has experience in defending debt collection lawsuits, as this would probably be an abuse of the legal process.

One thing to do is

what you did when you lived in Nevada: have a bank account in a small local bank, not a big bank with branches all over. It may even be to your advantage to open your account in a state where you don't live and then do internet banking and bank by mail. Hopefully, your current employer is not in several states, because I have seen where these employers don't do enough to fight improper attempts to collect a money judgment from an employee.

One other tip is no bank account and keep the cash well hidden at home (not in the freezer). Better still, hold the funds in postal money orders made payable to you or to whomever you expect to pay for something, such as the landlord's rent money, so you don't have too much cash.

Robert Stempler

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