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Council Tax: How Much is it?

how do i know my council tax band

How Much Is My Council Tax?

The annual Council Tax charges for each parish can be found HERE .

Most dwellings are subject to Council Tax. There is one demand per dwelling, whether it is a house, bungalow, mobile home or houseboat and whether it is owned or rented.

The annual charge for each band assumes that two adults are resident in the property.

Council Tax is dependant on two main factors; the the Banding of your property (which is based upon it's value). and the Parish that property is in.

The main body of the charge is made up of components (known as Precepts ); these Precepts are :-

  • Northampton County Council

  • Northamptonshire Police and Crime Commission
  • Northampton Borough Council

    Banding of your Property

    Your property is valued

    by the Valuation Agency (and not Northampton Borough Council) based on the value from April 1, 1991.

    The list of Council Tax Property Bands can be found HERE .

    Parish the Property is in

    The Parish you live in also factors into your Council Tax, as each parish has separate needs. This Parish Precept has an impact on your final Council Tax bill for the year.

    Once you know what Property Band your house falls into, and what Parish it is in, you can check what your final Council Tax bill will be for the full year.

    The Parish lists (which show how much the various Property Bands in each Parish are charged) can be found below.

    Date Last Reviewed : 04/03/2013 how do i know my council tax band
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