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How to know ‘where to get started’ with tax lien investing?….use ‘The Grizzly Screening Technique’

how do i know what tax form to use

The ‘which state to start in’ and ‘where to start’ questions can drive you nuts, but no more.

Many new investors stumble at this point because they haven’t been shown how to get their head around the ‘where to start’ question when faced with one of those colourful lien/deed maps of the USA.

And by continuing to ask the ‘where to start’ question they become dabblers; trying a little of this and a little of that but not getting anything done at all.

But I know you’re not one of ‘those’ dabbler investors.

You’re here to drill down to find out where to start.

“The Grizzly Screening Technique”: (the easiest way to find out where to start)

Way back, when I lived in South Africa, one of my jobs as a draughtsman was to draw the technical specifications for the installation of a rock sorter called a ‘grizzly’ at a mine.

The first layer of a ‘grizzly’ are heavy steel bars called Grizzly Bars.

As you can imagine, rocks in mining can be big, very big.

The more manageable sized material falls

through the space between the grizzly bars. Anything larger than the space is crushed and sorted again.

The fallen material is screened again to remove unwanted material to retain what is relevant.

And finally that relevant material goes through a process of extraction to extract the valuable elements.

It’s all summed up as; reducing size for the liberation of target minerals.

This got me thinking how effective this simple 3 step process is and how the same can be applied to that tax lien question… “where to start”.

The Simple Step-By-Step Process to Using “The Grizzly Screening Technique” to Identify Where To Start And Get You Started

There are three simple steps for using “The Grizzly Screening Technique”.

Step 1 – Sorting

Just like the ‘grizzly’ uses space as a criteria to ‘sort’ rock, I show you the selected criteria to use to sort the US states in to a manageable number.

Step 2 – Screening

I walk you through ‘screening’ that manageable number to further reduce the number of states to be more relevant.

Step 3 – Extracting

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