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How do i lookup a tax id number

how do i lookup a tax id number

How To Lookup A Federal Tax ID Number


If you have ever wondered how to lookup a Federal tax ID number, there are several ways available. The first thing you may want to understand is what exactly the tax ID is and what it is used for. Anyone who plans to go into business should have this information to avoid troubles with the IRS or Internal Revenue Service.

The first thing you need to know is that a FTIN, federal tax ID number, is what the government uses to identify individual businesses. This number is also known as the EIN or Employer Identification Number. The numbers are assigned by the IRS to businesses. In addition, when a business changes its name or configuration, a new number will be given out. Numbers are issued to nonprofit and for profit businesses alike. They are used when they submit documents and forms to the federal government.

To look for a FTIN for a business you can begin by simply asking the particular business. Typically, businesses are willing to provide the number when asked. This is especially true in regard to the nonprofit business because the number is commonly used to claim a deduction. The for profit business is also willing to provide

the number because it is public record and already available.

There are other ways to search for one of these numbers. If you are looking for a FTIN for a business that is for profit, you can search the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system, or EDGAR. This data base is maintained by SEC or Securities and Exchange Commission. Businesses that are for profit file certain forms using this system and the forms include their FTIN.

The nonprofit company FTIN can be found using Melissa Data. This is a company that deals with collecting and supplying data to businesses. This system also offers several databases free of charge for public use with a database for nonprofit business information. All you need to do is enter the name of the company or the zip code and click on submit.

There are a few tips available on how to lookup a Federal Tax ID number. If you ask a business for their ID number, ask to talk with their accounting department. If you use a lookup service like EDGAR, use only the first few letters of the name of the company. Finally, if using the zip code to search be sure that you have the correct one for the corporate office.

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