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How do i obtain a federal tax id number

how do i obtain a federal tax id number

How do I get a Free Tax ID

How do I get a Free Tax ID

You have the option of paying $29 for the federal tax ID EIN at check out, or getting it for free if you follow the instructions below.

You can obtain all tax IDs and permits on this site online.

Regardless of what you want the tax ID for, you will need another license, tax ID or other registration.

For example, all businesses need a federal ID, a business license and a DBA Doing business as registration.

On the other hand, even if you just want a federal ID to open a bank account for a charitable or other athletic organization, you can file a DBA trade name or a non profit corporation. Either one of these two is recommended, otherwise, you will be liable for taxes on the contributions you collect.

So, if you want a federal ID so you can collect and deposit it in a bank account, you still need to file a non profit corporation or a dba with the name of the organization or group you collect it

for whether it be religious, sports, a trust, or a charitable organization, group or association.

If you purchase that other registration, we can obtain this tax ID for you for free.

The way to get it for free is to buy at least another license, tax id, dba or corporation/LLC.

For example, all businesses need at least a business license and a DBA business name registration.

Buy anyone of these and we will get you a free tax ID ( A federal tax ID Number that is ).

You can also buy any other license or tax ID to qualify.

Submit the form, select your licenses and then we will get you the free tax ID.

There are 4 Tax ID s:

  1. A federal tax id, Federal EIN
  2. A state ID employer EIN ,
  3. A state ID Sales Tax ID. and
  4. A business tax registration Business Tax ID .
There are 4 Business Structures
  1. Sole Proprietor
  2. Partneship ( general or limited )
  3. Limited Liability Company
  4. Corporation ( C,S,or non profit).

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