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How do I obtain a Tax ID number for a non US citizen without

how do i obtain a tax id number

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To obtain an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (also called an ITIN) the individual will need to complete the ITIN application process. While you can assist the individual and actually submit the paperwork for him/her, the individual must provide you the needed documentation.

Here is a piece from the IRS web site ( ) with links to the forms and instructions. It will be a valuable guide in completing the process. Of course, you can also return to me should you need additional assistance.

Topic 857 - Individual Taxpayer

Identification Number (ITIN) - Form W-7

A taxpayer identification number must be furnished on all returns,

statements, and other tax-related documents and must be given upon request to

any other person who must include it on a return or statement. For most

individuals this is a Social Security Number, or SSN. If you are a foreign

person who does not have and is not eligible to get a SSN you must use an

Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, or ITIN.

  • A nonresident alien not eligible for a SSN required to file a U.S. tax

    return or filing a U.S. tax return only to claim a refund

  • A nonresident alien not eligible for a SSN electing to file a joint tax
  • An alien individual, claimed as a spouse for an exemption on a U.S. tax

    You must file Form W-7 (PDF), Application for

    Individual Taxpayer Identification Number . to apply for an ITIN, and

    show that you have a

    federal tax purpose for seeking the ITIN. Along with the

    The identity documents are needed to verify both your identity and your

    foreign status; one must include a recent photograph. If you submit an original

    valid passport (or a notarized or certified copy of a valid passport) you do not

    need to submit any other documents. If you do not submit a passport document,

    you must provide a combination of documents (at least two or more) that are

    current and that (1) verify your identity (that is, contain your name and a

    photograph), and (2) support your claim of foreign status.

    If the ITIN is for a dependent, the documentation must prove that the

    dependent is a U.S. National or a resident in the United States, Mexico, Canada,

    Republic of Korea (South Korea) or India. However, if you are living abroad and

    have adopted, or have had legally placed in your home pending adoption, a

    foreign child, that child may be eligible for an ITIN. If the dependent is a

    minor, the documentation must establish the relationship between the dependent

    and the representative signing the application on the dependent's behalf. Such

    In addition to a passport, examples of acceptable documentation include:

    national identification card (showing photo, name, current address, date of

    birth and expiration date); civil birth certificate; foreign driver's license;

    or visa. A complete list of acceptable documentation can be found in the

    instructions to the Form W-7. The documents must be originals or certified


    You can apply for your ITIN by mail or in person at any IRS Tax Assistance

    Center in the United States. If you apply in person, your documents will be

    reviewed and returned to you. Publication

    1915 (PDF), Understanding Your

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