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How do i prepare rib tips

how do i prepare rib tips

First of all understand, we use "smokers" when we compete, but I will give directions for cooking ribs in the oven. The only thing missing will be that nice smoky flavor. that can be added by simply putting a small amount of liquid smoke into your sauce.

The secret to great ribs is to cook them at low temps for long periods of time. In competition, we cook all of our meats at 225°F and it takes 6 hours for ribs, 10 - 12 hours for pork butts and up to 18 hours for brisket. Not to worry, I will show you how to do it in around 3 hours!

First let’s explode a few myths about ribs:

Barbecue Ribs Myth Number 1

The secret to

great ribs is to boil them first!

Wrong. Never. ever boil your ribs. I don't care what your mother taught you or what a famous chef on FoodTV did. Never, ever boil.

OK, let me explain what water does to meat. There is a certain degree of osmosis that takes place when you boil meat in water. This is accelerated if you use even a little bit of salt in the water or on the meat. In essence, what happens is. the water goes in and the flavor of the meat goes out. If you doubt this, taste the water after you have boiled something in it. This is the whole concept behind making soup. So, when you boil your ribs, all that wonderful pork flavor comes out (notice how greasy the water is?)

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