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How do i renew my tax disc

Renewing your tax disc or SORN online

It's quick and easy to renew online or on the phone

You can now pay for your tax disc (UK vehicle licence) online or by phone. The DVLA have recently introduced this new service to make things more convenient for Britain's drivers.

It is simple, just visit the website at:

or call the DVLA vehicle licence renewal line on 0870 850 4444

How do I pay?

Simple - pay by credit or debit card. There is a £2.50 fee payable on credit card transactions only.

Do I need my insurance and MOT documents when I am renewing my tax disc online or by phone?

No, when you renew online or by phone, the DVLA will check electronically that your vehicle is insured on the Motor Insurers' Information Centre database and also check if your vehicle has a valid new-style MOT on its database. There is no need to show the DVLA the paperwork.

However, if you have only recently renewed, updated or changed your insurance cover or MOT certificate, the DVLA electronic check may not be successful. In that case you will have to renew your tax disc at a licence issuing Post Office branch or local DVLA office for which you will need to take all your paperwork with you.

Can I renew online at anytime?

Yes, you can apply online or call the DVLA phone line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How and when do I get the tax disc?

DVLA say that "within 5 working days of completing your application, you will receive your tax disc by first class post".

Comment :

On the face of it, it seems a convenient new feature but clearly it needs careful planning and good timing. If your insurance cover is renewed at the same date as the car tax, then if your are slow processing the insurance renewal, there might be a delay in your insurance renewal details reaching the MIIC database and if the record is not updated, your application might bounce. On the other hand, if you apply online for your tax disc in the last 7 few days of your existing insurance cover, the MIIC record should show current insurance is in place. Similarly with MOT certificates that expire at the same time as tax disc renewals.

Where you will get caught out is if you renew a day or so late when both insurance and MOT records on the MICC and DVLA databases have not been updated. In that case it will mean a visit to the Post Office!

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