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How do I tax a 2nd hand car I just bought?

how do i tax my car

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How old is it? If 3 years or more it needs a valid MOT in order to tax it. You can tax it at a Post Office or Online but you need 3 things, the registration document called a V5 (or the tax reminder form the DVLA send you, or the New Keeper part of the V5 registration form, any of these will do it's just for the barcode/code number on it) along with your Insurance certificate and a valid MOT.

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its 5 years old and has a valid MOT, I dont have the MOT details though just an invoice. Chap said I could do it at the post office but I dont know what I need or how I go about it.

You will need;

1) V5 registration document (or just

the New Keeper part) because it has a barcode/code number which identifies your car to the computer at the Post Office.

2) Valid Insurance certificate.

Only with ALL these 3 bits of paper can you tax it, at a Post Office only. You can't do it online as they post the new tax disc to the registered keepers address and that won't be yours if you just bought it.

It has got harder, not easier, to tax cars now. You can only "just fill in a form (it's a V10 form) at the Post Office and give them loads of money" if you are ALREADY the registered keeper of the vehicle with the DVLA NOT if you just bought it - that's why you need the New Keeper part of the V5, it identitfies you as the New legal owner.

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