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How do i tax my car online

how do i tax my car online

I tried to tax my vehicle online but my insurance is not found - what do I do?

There is a known issue with the EVL system. This occurs when an insurance policy expires on a date prior to the last day of one month and the tax disc you are trying to purchase starts on the first day of the next month.

Because the EVL system needs to ensure there is an insurance policy in force on the MID on the date the tax is due, it isn’t able to see your insurance record on the MID because it is “looking into the future” and your renewal record has not registered as ‘current’ on the MID, because the first day of the renewed policy period has yet to arrive.

Only when the first day of the renewed policy has arrived, will

the EVL system detect a valid policy on the MID for your vehicle and allow the tax request to be authorised. This usually means the tax disc can’t be successfully requested until the first day of the month.

If the above does not describe your situation, then you need to contact your insurance provider immediately and explain to them that you were unable to use the DVLA’s Electronic Vehicle Licensing (EVL) system to purchase your road tax because the system said you were not insured. It could be that an error has caused your insurance provider to fail to load your data to the MID, or there may have been a delay in loading your data. Your insurance provider can investigate and explain.

Please ensure you have the correct VRM on your insurance certificate to rule out any mistakes of this nature.

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