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Ted Duggan: "I think they have messed up big time"

Nine out of 10 families with children are supposed to benefit from the new flagship tax credits - at least that is what the government is promising.

The new tax credits - the Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit - were introduced in April.

They have replaced three existing tax credits which were available to parents with children and disabled people.

But there appears to be a backlog at the Inland Revenue, which is causing worry for many parents around the country, including Ted Duggan, 49, from Coventry.

The father-of-two used to receive Ј127 a week under the old system.

But Mr Duggan says he has had big problems getting through to the Revenue's helpline, and is unsure about when he will be paid the new tax credit.

The cash is vital for his family, as Mr Duggan is bringing up two small children, aged seven and nine, on his own.

His wife died of leukaemia three

years ago.

Mr Duggan receives a widower's pension, and tops up his income with part-time work as a music teacher, which brings in about Ј60 a week at most.

This means the money he receives from the government is a big part of his family's weekly income - and they cannot do without it.

Easter holidays

For this reason, he says he applied for the new tax credits well in advance - and double-checked with the Revenue that it had received his application one month ago.

"When I called, the woman said, 'Yes, we have got your details - everything is fine.' But it turns out my forms haven't been processed."

It was only recently that Mr Duggan knew something was wrong when he received a letter from his council, which led him to believe his tax credits had not been processed.

You would have thought they could have put a notification on the website that they were having problems

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