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How do you become a lawyer in Australia?

The practice of law in Australia is an aged profession. Australian laws have developed into a more complex system to abide to the changing of times. A person could be admitted to the practice of law in Australia if he was able to abide to the following procedures:

1. Entry to Undergraduate Law Programs

A person vying to become a lawyer in Australia must enroll himself in an accredited Undergraduate Law Program which is one of the Basic Admission Requirements. The basic requirement is that one must have finished his secondary education. Other requirements will be furnished to you by the accredited institution offering Law Courses. Depending on the Rules and Regulations of the education institution, this requirement may be waived if the applicant possesses significant work experience.

Another requirement is that the applicant must pass or must possess English Language Proficiency to an acceptable level.

2. Entry to Australian University's Law Program

Each accredited university offering Law Program focuses on different areas of the law, which includes the following: Civil Law, Taxation, Property Law, Criminal Law. Family Law and more.

3. Join Internship Programs

Law Schools in Australia offer internship programs to students who would like to experience actual legal work through their partner law firms. This is beneficial to the students since they would be given

a chance to actually see and experience the work of a lawyer. It is best to apply for internship programs that provide a thorough experience on litigation support, court practicum and legal documentation. These skills would aid the student in his practice after passing the Bar Exam.

4. Apply for Vacation Jobs at Law Firms

During summer, when your law school schedule is not that hectic, you may apply for clerical positions with established law firms. This way, you will be familiarized with the work of a private law practitioner. Law firms immerse their clerks with legal research and documentation assignments. Clerks will also be tasked to attend depositions and client meetings. The knowledge and skills acquired through these immersions would be helpful to you if you are planning to join a law office as an associate after passing the Bar Exam.

5. Take Practical Legal Training from Accredited Law Schools

If you do not wish to apply for an internship program or for a summer job in a law office, you have to, at least, take and complete a Practical Legal Training Course with accredited law schools. The knowledge and skills acquired through this training will aid you in your future practice.

6. Pass the Bar

One cannot practice law in Australia without passing the Bar Exam.

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