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How do you broil steak tips

Curt McAdams

We’d all like to get the best cut of steak available all the time. But steaks like that get very pricey. Even organically-raised beef from local farmers may be a bit less than prime or even choice grade. So how do you fix a great steak every time you grill one?

By upgrading your steak! You can apply the same technique to steak that you use for your Thanksgiving turkey – dry brining.

The theory is simple:
  • Salt works its way into the meat a bit by osmosis.
  • The salt denatures the proteins, relaxing the fibers and making the steak more tender.

It’s rea lly just that simple. There are a couple of catches, though:
  • The salt crystals need to be larger than table salt. Use kosher or sea salt.
  • Dry brine about an hour per inch

    of steak with up to a tablespoon of salt per side.

  • The steaks must be well rinsed and well dried after being salted. Don’t add additional salt after the steaks are rinsed and dried. Just a little freshly ground pepper will suffice.
  • A big thanks to Jaden at Steamy Kitchen for all her work in figuring this out!

The reason this method will elevate a good steak to a great one is that water is being drawn out of the steak. Dry aging does this, too. The only thing the steak is losing is water, not flavor. The flavor is actually getting better, the steaks are more tender and your taste buds will thank you! Remember, always rest the meat for a few minutes before cutting so the juices stay inside your steak instead of on your plate. Try this technique and you’ll find a new appreciation for dry brining.

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