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How to claim back your tax when working in Australia?

How to claim back your tax when working in Australia?

"As a working holiday maker in Australia you will pay tax at a rate of 29% and should be entitled to claim on income tax at the end of the tax year (June 30th)" (

It is possible for anyone to claim tax back when working in Australia, either as a non-Australian resident or as an Australian resident. However, the rate of tax for a non-Australian resident as noted afore, is much greater than that of an Australian resident. Hence, you should expect to claim back more tax at the end of the tax year! The following information will be all you need in relation to applying for your tax back in Australia, or even if you have left the country. You can apply for tax back if you meet the following requirements:

* You are a non-Australian resident and are leaving the country

* If you are an Australian resident

* You no longer earn an income from an Australian employer

The following steps should be carried out, when you are applying for your tax back:

* You can either contact the following web addresses for your application form: or Both agencies are set up to provide you with

the necessary information required when applying for tax back.

* Both agencies mentioned above can give you an early assessment of the tax amount you are entitled to receive. Also the form you need to fill out when filing for tax back can be obtained from either agency mentioned afore, or from your local tax office, or by calling the National Distributions Service 1300 720 092.

* After collecting the necessary form, you should then proceed to acquire a basic surmise of payment from each employer you have worked for within that year. If possible, collect all relevant P45s. If it is not possible for you to obtain your P45, both agencies above will help locate it for you.

* Your TFN is needed as proof of identity that you have worked and paid tax while in Australia.

* Complete the form mentioned above and either post it or scan and email it to any of the agencies mentioned above.

* Your assessment will be processed through in four-six weeks, and through in approximately three-six weeks, depending on the nature of your individual application.

If you have any further questions regarding applying for your tax back, the following web sites are comprehensive in answering and providing information regarding such queries- and

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