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How do you dye the tips of your hair

how do you dye the tips of your hair

How can you dye your hair naturally?

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  1. Divide hair into sections

Divide hair into two to four low ponytails, fastening each with an elastic. The thicker your hair, the more ponytails you'll want to have as to not leave out any pieces of hair. To keep dye away from your face, clip up the front section of your hair.

Wear latex or rubber gloves to avoid staining your fingers the color of your chosen dye.

  • Apply dye to ponytails

    One ponytail at a time, start working in the dye from the bottom of your hair. Starting there will make sure the ends are the brightest and most vibrant because the dye will have been soaking there the longest.

    Using a clean hand, grab

    hair where you want to start the transition from your natural hue to your desired color. Begin twisting that portion of hair with your hands, squeezing and turning it to blend the color. Twist repeatedly over the same spot to create a subtle blend from your natural hair color to the dye. Failing to blend will result in a harsh line between your natural and dyed hair.

  • Wrap ponytails in tinfoil

    When you're done blending, individually wrap each ponytail in tinfoil. For stronger color, leave the dye in for 45 minutes. If you desire a more subtle effect, leave the dye in for just 10 to 15 minutes.

    After leaving in the dye for the desired amount of time, wash the dye out of your hair until your shower water runs clean.

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