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How do you find your tax bracket

how do you find your tax bracket

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Which income will be taxed in Denmark?

  • Live in Denmark currently (or for 6 months or more during the last tax year)? You must pay tax on your worldwide income there.
  • Income from other EU countries? Check you never pay tax twice on the same income.
  • Did you pay tax in another country? Even if Denmark has no agreement with that country, you might be entitled to deduct tax paid there.

How much will you pay?

What's left of your gross income in Denmark after deduction of taxes and social security contributions?

Income tax rates for 2015

Denmark has a complex system of

personal income tax that includes:

  • a labour market contribution of 8% of your entire income (employees and self-employed workers)
  • a deduction before any tax is due: personal allowance of DKK 43,400 (under 18 DKK 32,600) for municipal taxes, health contributions of 5% and bottom-bracket tax of 8.08%
  • highest tax bracket of 15% on income above DKK 459,200
  • municipal income tax and church tax – payable at flat rates. which vary depending on where you live (average 2015 rate: 24.9% )
  • social security contributions.

When and how do you pay?

Your employer must deduct tax and social security contributions from your salary. at the rate indicated by the tax authorities on your tax card .

How to appeal/complain

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