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How do you make beef tips

how do you make beef tips

How to Make Meat Broth

Total cooking time: 2h

Meat broth (meat bouillon, clear soup) is a base for most of the soups and sauces, it can be added to stews or served as separate dish.

As a separate dish meat broth is very good for weak because of sickness people, especially during or after sickness related to digestive system malfunctions or food poisonings.

Meat Broth can be prepared with using basically any type of meat: beef, pork, chicken, any kind of fish. Most common recipes are using meat broths made of beef or chicken.

Soup Recipes with Meat Broth use meat broth of some kind as main ingredient.


    To prepare meat broth you will need meat with bones (e.g. beef ribs or any cut with bones, whole chicken, or so) root vegetables of your choice (onion, carrots, parsley root, celery root) and water

How to make, step-by-step:

    Take big pot and fill it with the cold water, put pot on the burner. Wash meat with

    cold water and put it to the pot. As soon as broil began to boil, remove scum with skimmer, put a lid on and reduce heating a bit. Make sure water isn’t boiling too much, as that will make your broil not clear, but also make sure it is still boiling otherwise broth will not gain taste. Let broth to boil for at least 1-1,5 hours, depends of the quality of your meat you may want to boil it a bit more, till the moment when meat start becoming soft (but not completely), especially if you are planning to use this broth for the further soup preparation.

Beef Broth (Meat Broth)

Wash and skin root vegetables. For the soups you may want to cut vegetables: dice onions, grate carrots, cut parsley root / celery root into stripes, for the clear broths for clear broths and broths for sauces is better put whole vegetables (just washed and skinned). Add vegetables to the pot, add salt and let broth boil:

Beef Broth (Meat Broth) Recipe: Add Vegetables

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