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How do you work out my benefit entitlement?

how do you work out council tax

Your benefit entitlement is worked out based on your circumstances. The two main forms of benefit administered by the council, are Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction.

You can apply for both at once, by claiming online on our Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support  page.

How much you have in savings and investments;

Who lives in your household;

The circumstances of any other adults who lives with you.

Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit is a Social Security benefit administered by a Local Authority, to help people on a low income to pay their rent.

If you rent your home from a private landlord we will use the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rules, which are based on the number of bedrooms your family need and not the size of the property you rent.

For more information on LHA, please visit the Valuation Office Agency  website.

Council Tax Reduction

There are two kinds of benefit to help with council tax:

  • Council Tax Reduction

Anyone who has to pay Council Tax can apply for help through the Council Tax Reduction scheme. This is means tested, based on your income and circumstances. To find out more, visit our Council Tax Reduction Scheme  page.

  • Single Person Discount 

If you have other adults living with you, for example an adult son or daughter, but you are the only person who has to pay Council Tax on your home, you can apply for help through the Single Person Discount scheme (also known as the Second Adult Rebate).

You cannot get Council Tax Reduction and Single Person Discount at the same time. If your circumstances mean that you are entitled to both benefits, you will get the one which takes the most money off your Council Tax bill.

Alternatively, you can contact the Benefits Section on 01724 296131  to arrange for an application form to be sent to you.

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