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how does a tax write off work

So, I know nothing about taxes outside of simply submitting all the standard paperwork required to get my tax return.

I now work from home. 90% of the year. I know I have the ability to put in a deduction for my home office; however. what about buying a new computer?

If indeed I can, how does that work in regards to standard vs. itemized deductions? The handful of times I've actually submitted a deduction, turbotax always comes back and says "stay with the standard deduction". So this makes me question, if I can "write off" (I still don't fully know what that means), a computer for my home office - for work - will I even get anything back?

Honestly, I'm quite dumb on this topic and I really just need to go read up. Figured someone here could explain it for a big dummy like me, faster and easier.


28-Aug-15 3:37pm

We have a CPA handle our taxes and I'll probably be submitting business expenses for the first time this year for actual materials. I had not thought to buy a new computer and claim it, but I sorely need it. Interested in hearing what people say.


28-Aug-15 3:46pm

Just make up write offs and pray that the IRS doesn't audit you.


28-Aug-15 3:52pm

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