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These are some frequently asked questions about our local council tax support scheme.

How does the council tax support scheme work?

In 2013 the government reduced the amount of money given to authorities to provide council tax benefit. As a result a new scheme was introduced that meant claimants who had previously not had to pay were now required to pay a percentage of their council tax. This figure is set by each local authority.

The new council tax support scheme is designed to help people with little or no income to pay their council tax. No money is paid to the claimant; instead their council tax bill is reduced by the amount of their support.

Who will be eligible for council tax support?

The council tax support scheme will provide 100% protection to pensioners.

Claimants of working age will now have to make a contribution themselves towards their council tax bill.

As council tax support will be calculated as a mean- tested discount, the amount each household will have to pay towards their council tax will be dependent on their individual circumstances.

How much will I have to pay?

In March 2014 the council reduced council tax support to 75.5%. This means that if you are eligible for council tax support, you will still have

to pay 24.5% of your council tax unless you are from a protected group (shown above).

How will I know what my council tax support entitlement is?

Once you have supplied all the necessary information to support your claim and we have processed your application we will write to let you know how much you have been awarded and how we have worked out that amount.

How will council tax support be paid?

We will automatically credit your council tax account with the total amount of entitlement from the start of your claim to the end of the current financial year. You should then receive a new council tax bill showing the revised amount payable.

How will any overpaid council tax support be recovered?

Once a decision has been made and council tax support has been awarded, the total amount of entitlement from the start of your claim to the end of the current financial year is posted directly onto your council tax account. If you have a change of circumstances which leads to a reduction in your entitlement and an overpayment, any amount that has been overpaid is usually automatically recovered directly from your council tax account. You will then receive a new council tax bill showing you the revised amount.

Where can I read your policy on this scheme?

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