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How does the irs notify you of an audit

how does the irs notify you of an audit

How long does it take to get my state taxes back?

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An audit takes place at the IRS office or at the home or place of business of the taxpayer, according to the IRS. Prior to an audit, the taxpayer is notified of any documents necessary to conduct the audit. An audit may or may not result in changes to the taxes paid to the government. If any changes are made, they are detailed and explained to the taxpayer.

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Where do you send federal tax payments?

The Internal Revenue Service accepts federal tax payments through its website, over the phone, through the electronic federal tax payment system, by wire transfer or by mail. Checks or money orders sent by mail must be payable to the U.S. Treasury and mailed to the address on the IRS notice.

Where should you mail a federal tax return?

Where to mail a federal tax return depends on the type of entity the return is for, the location of the filer and whether a payment is being sent. Tax payers should use the filing address lookup tool on the Internal Revenue Service website to find the right address for their needs, notes TurboTax. The IRS also has special addresses for people living outside the country or on military bases and for those who use a private delivery service.

What are the options for filing your Indiana state income taxes?

Individuals can file their Indiana state income taxes by mail, using INfreefile, hiring a professional tax preparer or using an approved online tax filing company, explains the Indiana Department of Revenue. They can also use the Indiana Department of Revenue's ePay service to pay their taxes online, as of 2015.

Where can I obtain a copy of my 2012 tax returns?

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