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How Quickly Can I Get My Past Federal Tax Return?

Getting ahold of a past federal tax return isn’t a problem most of us expect to have. Usually when we file our taxes, that’s it. We send them off to the IRS and hope to never, ever think about them again, as long as we shall live.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. Mortgages, small business loans, and other credit agencies don’t work that way either. In fact, many of ‘em demand a past federal tax return before they’ll even give you money. Oh boy. What’s an average tax payer to do, especially when time is of the essence?

Well, you could always contact the IRS and ask them to help you out. Since they’re trying to be transparent and streamline the bureaucracy, it should only take you a few months to get ahold of the form that allows you to request to see your own past federal tax return.

Oh yea, and it’ll be $50 per form. Thank you very much, Uncle Sam.

You could do that and hope that your dream home doesn’t go to another owner, that your brilliant business idea can wait another year, or that your kid

gets a lot of college scholarships. I mean, sure those things can wait for your past federal tax return to show up in the mail, six months later and missing a page.

So you could do OR you could get in touch with some professionals. The kind of people who don’t mess around. Not with your time, not with your money, and not with your past federal tax return. Because the truth of the matter is, you’re not going to need your past federal tax return very often. It might only come up once or twice in your whole life. But when you do need it, you’re going to need it fast!

Fortunately, there are websites and companies devoted just to the issue of past taxes. Their job is to make sure that past federal tax return is in your hands as soon as possible. Because when you need something–when large amounts of money and work is going into something–hoping the IRS speeds up probably won’t cut it.

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