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How hard is it to do your own taxes

how hard is it to do your own taxes

Do You File Your Own Japanese Taxes? (And Is It Hard?)

Recently talked with a friend within my company who does his taxes himself (the rest of us leave it up to the company to do every year) and as I expected, he has to pay way less than us as a result, even though salary and everything else is the same. Every time I've gotten my results back, I've been a bit dubious myself, so I'm leaning towards wanting to start doing them myself as well.



That said, if you have one employer and one source of income, I would expect the tax payable to be the same regardless of whether the employer or you fills in the form..

My ex was a top flight national silly servant (Postal Ministry), and her tax deductions were regularly 15%-ish higher than what she would have paid had she filed herself, or even just filed that revision form you can file. Many employers do that, as it is easier

for them than undercharging. Let's keep in mind that the reason the Normal System works is because most people invovled understand that the workers are there for the benefit and convenience of the organsiation, and most Japanese are, in their own often lovely ways, degenerately indolent once things get Moozookashee or Fookoozatsoo.

Anyways, she got back a fairly serious whack of cash when she back filed the year she quit. Her superiors were furious with her.

Yes, do it yerself. Aside from the money you'll get back, it'll be hellishly educational. I do believe you can also just file a supplementary return to adjust whatever the company did on your behalf, which could be enough for your needs.

At any rate, with one employer and one income, all you will need to do is claim deductions that the company might not be making, and with those you can get quite creative, though I always strongly recommend against Fantasy Fiction.

That sort of stuff can just get them PO'ed at you.

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