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I use turbo tax to complete my taxes and I have a question

how hard is it to use turbo tax

replied 4 years ago.


Turbo Tax should be carrying the HSA contribution over to Form 8889. Review Form 8889 for accuracy. If the $3000 amount is listed twice or has tuned into $6000, then Turbo Tax did carry the amount over from the W2 input as I expect it would do and you DO NOT enter this amount directly on Form 8889.


I cannot find anywhere on the form where turbo tax carried it over to equal $6000. It does say under the #2 question to "Do Not" include amounts from a cafeteria plan on this line. So this is why i am confused as whether to enter it or not. Any suggestions?


The money you contribute to the HSA, is this pre-tax money or after tax money?


Do You see the $3000 on

the Form 8889? When you input it from your W-2 Form does your tax liability change or only when you enter directly on Form 8889?If it is only when input into Form 8889, I am going to hazard to guess that the money you employer deducts for you is before any taxes are withheld, so you cannot receive a duplicate credit? Do you understand the way I worded that?

Yes, that is correct. Since this is pre-tax money, by entering the amount directly on Form 8889, in effect overriding the W-2 input, you are receiving a duplicate deduction for the pre-tax HSA contribution. So that is why ther is no place to enter pre tax contributions, or contributions from a cafeteria plan. You received your tax benefit at the employee level when the amount contributed was exempted from tax. Does this help clarify the situation?

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