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How hard is turbo tax

how hard is turbo tax

How hard can it be to do TurboTax again?

How hard can it be to do TurboTax again?

It has been years since I have used Turbotax -- at least 15. We have had our taxes done by professionals, first by a local person who was very good, and then by a firm that provided financial services as part of my husband's compensation package. However, my husband changed jobs, and they don't do tax returns a la carte. so we won't be working with that firm anymore. All these years, I have collected and organized all the necessary documentation for these folks. I am wondering whether to go back to the local person or to just do it myself with TurboTax. My concern is I will somehow mess something up and either end up paying too much or overlook something and having too little withheld. I don't think our situation is overly complicated, but there are some things that are unique for this year. There will be 4

W2s, 1099-Q, 1098-T, some 1099s. I don't think we sold large quantities of stock or mutual funds this year except for a restoration fund having to do with 401k company match that came back to my husband in cash when he left.

How long will TurboTax take me compared with collecting the documentation, which I will be doing regardless, and do you think it is fairly foolproof? Any pitfalls or horror stories?

Re: How hard can it be to do TurboTax again?

I went to TurboTax after many years of using an accountant. Although my situation is not identical to yours I've had things like HSA accounts and Roth conversions to deal with and have found TurboTax to be relatively straightforward. When I've had questions I've typically been able to get reasonable answers through the online help system. I've been using it for years now with no hiccups. I spend about four hours inputting, checking and getting any questions answered once I've collected all the necessary documents.

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