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My 2013 California state refund was calculated as being too high. What did I do wrong?

how is california state tax calculated

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2:47 pm PDT March 21, 2014


12:45 pm PDT March 22, 2014 Reply Correct. You will not need to amend your CA return, because they have amended it for you.

Your Federal refund decreased after you made the change because your 2012 CA refund is now being treated as Federal income for 2013. So, you will have to amend your Federal return, and pay the difference.

If, after you made the changes as I suggested above, you saved the new tax file under a different file name, then:

- Open the OLD tax file (the file before you made the change). Click File-->Open Tax Return, and browse to the old file. Then proceed with amending the federal return as described at the bottom of this response.

If, after you made the changes, you did NOT save the new file under a different file name

(i.e. you overwrote the old file), then do the following:

- Open the tax file

- Put the tax file back into its original state by undoing the change that you had made previously.

Federal Taxes

Deductions and Credits

Choose Explore on my own or I'll choose what to work on  (if it comes up)

Then scroll way down to Estimates and Other Taxes Paid

Other Income Taxes - Click the Start or Update button

Next page scroll down to the 3rd Section 2012 Refund Applied to 2013

Then 2012 refund applied to 2013 State Taxes - Click  Start or Update and enter the total amount of your 2012 CA refund.

Click Save.

Proceed with amending the federal return as described below.

Click Start

Follow through with the interview questions.

Make the change:

"I need to change (amend) my return for a different reason"

"Deductions & Credits"-->Update

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