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How we bill you for Council Tax

how is council tax band worked out

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Council Tax Charges

This page tells you about how we bill you for Council Tax - the Valuation Bands and how they relate to the amount you have to pay.

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  • Querying your bill. If you want to ask us about how we've calculated your bill, please call us on 0141 287 5050
  • Banding: You can read about banding in the section below, entitled 'Council Tax Bands'. You can check your band online and find out more about how the Glasgow City Assessor determines your band at
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  • Previous query: If you want to check with us about a previous enquiry for Council Tax liability, or a change to liability, please call us on 0141 287 5050
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  • Billing :Find out how we bill you for Council Tax including how we work out your charges
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Council Tax Bands

In Scotland, the Council Tax Valuation Bands are as follows and based upon property values on 1 st April 1991:

A up to £27,000

B over £27,000 and up to £35,000

C over £35,000 and up to £45,000

D over £45,000 and up to £58,000

E over £58,000 and up to £80,000

F over £80,000 and up to £106,000

G over £106,000 and up to £212,000

H over £212,000

Newer properties are given a band when they are built although this is still based on an estimate of their value had they existed on 1 st April 1991. Your bill states which band applies to your home.

Find your Council Tax Band or Rateable Value on-line

The band is set by the office of the City Assessor. Your band is shown on your bill or you can check online at the Scottish Assessors Association website

Appealing a decision

Please note that there are different things you can appeal with regards to Council Tax:

If you want to know more about any aspect of property valuation, please visit the Scottish Assessors Association website

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