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Home Owner Grant Program Information

how is the first home owners grant paid

You may be eligible to reduce your residential property tax with the Home Owner Grant. This program is governed and managed by the BC Ministry of Finance.

The grant amount is first applied to the school taxes levied on your principal residence, and then to your municipal taxes.

The home owner grant applies to taxes paid by British Columbians to their municipality or to the Surveyor of Taxes for rural areas. The basic grant will be reduced by $5 for each $1,000 of assessed value over $1,100,000, and is eliminated on homes assessed at $1,214,000 or more. The additional grant will be eliminated on homes assessed at $1,269,000 or more.

After you've reviewed the criteria and if you are eligible claim your Home Owner Grant online before the Property Tax due date.

Types of Grants

There are 4 different types of Home Owner Grants. See the Province's website for details on the types of grants:

  • Basic Home Owner Grant  for all residents - if eligible, you can reduce your property tax by up to $570.
  • Additional Home Owner Grant  for residents who are 65 or older, physically disabled, and/or a veteran.
  • Retroactive Home Owner Grant   for residents who may have missed the previous year's deadline.
  • Multiple Home Owner Grant for apartment, housing co-operatives, and housing society buildings.

You must apply for the grant each year, after you

receive your property tax notice and by the due date to avoid late penalty fees on the grant amount. The grant is applied toward the current year's property tax .

How to apply for a Home Owner Grant

First, check that you qualify for the grant to the Home Owner Grant eligibility criteria. If you're a registered owner of the property, Canadian citizen or landed immigrant who lives in British Columbia, and occupy the home as your principal residence, you are eligible.

How to claim your grant:

You must qualify for the grant when you sign and submit your application forms. If you're claiming the additional grant, provide all information and/or applicable supporting documents required with your application.

Home Owner Grant due date

Submit your completed Home Owner Grant application by July 2. When a due date falls on a weekend or statutory holiday, we accept payments the following business day without penalty. For more information, review the Home Owner Grant Explanatory Notes .

Claim your home owner grant on time to avoid Property Tax late penalties. If you don't pay your property tax balance in full, in anticipation of receiving the Home Owner Grant, but your Grant application is denied, you may receive late penalties on the tax amount remaining.

Paying your Property Tax Balance

After you've claimed your Home Owner Grant, you can pay your property tax online  or pre-pay your property taxes for next year?

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