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Is Turbo tax free?

how is turbo tax free

Maybe. But to be sure Go to and type FREE FILE

Free File is the fast, easy, and free way to prepare and e-file your federal taxes online.

After completing the income tax return print a copy of the completed tax return before transmitting it.

Then wait a day or to check and see if you have received acknowledgment from the IRS that they have accepted your income tax return as it was filed.

Print a copy of any form that you have from the IRS about the tax return as you may need it for future reference.

After the end of the year 2009 and you have all of the information forms W-2, 1099s, and any other information forms concerning all of your worldwide income from all sources in your hand. Usually this information is received beginning in January and can go through the end of January and some is not received until later in

the year usually before the April 15 deadline for the filing of your income tax return.

2010 IRS e-file Refund Cycle Chart Direct Deposit sent Paper Check Mailed

Transmitted and accepted by (11:00 am)

between Jan 15 and Jan 21, 2010 Jan 29, 2010 Feb 5, 2010

You must make sure that you receive your acknowledgment from the IRS that they have accepted your income tax return as you filed it. You usually will receive the acknowledgment in a day or 2.

The IRS does not guarantee a specific date that a refund will be deposited into a taxpayer's financial institution account or mailed. Taxpayers who e-filed can get refund information 72 hours after the electronic return data is acknowledged as accepted by the IRS. To check the status of a refund go to and click on Where's My Refund?

See the "Related Links" section below for detailed information about TurboTax options and free efiling.

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