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First Time Battery Charge On A New Phone

foursidedoctagon said: 10-23-2012 06:39 PM

First Time Battery Charge On A New Phone

This is my first post on the forums, I do hope I provide enough information.

This is a question about the battery, not about the phone or the specific model, so I figure it's okay to post this in the General Help and How To forum.

Basically, I purchased an Evo Design 4G about a week ago, yesterday the battery cover started coming off very easily. I took it back to the store I purchased it from and had them switch it out for a new handset.

I got home, and planned on draining the battery to zero and then doing a full charge. I downloaded my apps again, restored my contacts, disabled apps and features that I don't plan on using, and also disabled any bloatware that I was able to disable. I also set up all my accounts, and turned off phone features I don't plan on using.

After all of this was done I noticed I had around 3% battery left. I decided to do a quick restart on the phone to check memory and space after doing my set up and moving apps to the SD card. The battery did not have enough power to restart the phone.

So I figure the battery has drained enough and I just need to fully charge the device at this point in order to finish setting it up.

I removed the battery for

a moment and placed it back in the phone. I plugged the phone in and left it there for about 20

minutes or so before turning it on.

I noticed right away that the battery was charging super fast (reaching 80% charge in around 40

minutes), and in about an hour or a little over was reading 99% charged, while still charging. The battery has been staying on 99%, and charging this way for over an hour now. Is this normal for a first time charge?

Also, since this is the first charge, after I charge the battery to 100% and the charging indicator turns green, how long should I leave the phone plugged in for in order to help set up and properly maintain the battery for the future?

I only ask because I've never experienced a phone (even past androids) charging so fast from 0-99%, or being stuck on 99% for longer than a half hour to 45 minutes before.


Shorter version. New Phone. Drained the battery to 3% and attempted to restart the phone, did not have enough power to restart. Removed the battery for a moment then decided to charge to a full battery. Phone charged super fast to 99% (about an hour or a little over), has been on 99% for over an hour now. Is this normal? Also, since it is the first charge, how long should I keep the phone plugged in for after it reaches 100% charge and the charging indicator turns green?

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