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Minnesota State Taxes: How To File Your Minnesota State Tax Return

how long do i have to file a tax return

By Clara James. Minneapolis/St. Paul Expert

Minnesota requires individuals who have worked or lived in Minnesota to file a state tax return, using the M1 Individual Income Tax Form. Here's some answers to questions you may have about filing your Minnesota state tax return.

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How do I File a Minnesota State Tax Return?

The State of Minnesota accepts e-filed tax returns, and recommends that you file electronically. Electronically filed returns must be submitted using tax filing software. The Minnesota Department of Revenue maintains a list of tax software. some of which can be used completely online, some are a software package that is installed on your computer. Fees may apply to file Federal and State taxes.

Or, if you prefer, you can complete and mail forms. Here's the link to the M1 Individual Income Tax form that you need to complete, and any other forms you may need.

Or, you can have a tax professional complete and file forms on your behalf.

How do I Get Help Preparing my Minnesota State Tax Return?

Tax professionals are usually the best source for help with a Federal or State tax return. How do you find a tax professional for you?'s Guide to Taxes has some advice and tips in finding the best tax professional. However, not everyone can afford a tax professional.

If your income is below certain limits, if you are disabled, or if you speak limited or English, you may qualify for free tax preparation assistance.

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You can search for your closest free tax preparation site at the Minnesota Department of Revenue, and also search for tax preparation services in other languages.

What does it cost to file a Minnesota State Tax Return?

If you are filing electronically, it will cost whatever your tax preparation software charges you.

If you file paper tax returns, there is no charge to file your Minnesota state tax returns - except for the cost of mailing the tax return.

And if your income meets certain conditions, you may be able to file electronically for free - see the next section.

Can I File a Minnesota State Tax Return for Free?

Depending on

your age and income, you may be able to file your electronic Federal and Minnesota State tax returns for free. The Minnesota Department of Revenue maintains a list of tax preparation software which enable free filing, if you meet the conditions. If you qualify, you need to access the software via the link on the Minnesota Department of Revenue's website to be able to file for free.

I Have Questions About the Minnesota Property Tax Refund

Renters in Minnesota may qualify for a refund of a percentage of the property tax that their landlord paid on the building that they live in. If you are a qualifying renter, it can be a sizable refund. If you qualify for the refund, you will need to mail in a Certificate of Rent Paid (CRP) paper form that your landlord should have given you, together with a copy of M1PR, Property Tax Refund form.

When Will I Get My Refund of Minnesota State Taxes?

If you are expecting a refund, when will you receive your money?

If you file electronically, you may receive your refund within a few weeks, or as long as 60 days after you file.

If you filed with paper forms, it will take a few weeks longer than an e-file return, due to the longer processing time.

To find out the status of your Minnesota state tax refund, use the Minnesota Department of Revenue's Where's My Refund page. You'll need your social security number, and the dollar amount of the refund you are inquiring about.

How do I File for an Extension on a Minnesota State Tax Return?

If you can't complete and file your taxes by the deadline, usually April 15, you can get a six-month extension. You don't need to file a form to request an extension. (Although you may need to file a form to request an extension for Federal taxes).

But, if you anticipate owing taxes, you must pay at least 90% of the amount due by the filing deadline, or you will be assessed penalties and interest.

Federal Taxes

Need help with Federal taxes? Do you have questions about your Federal tax return?'s Guide to Tax has resources to help you out.

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