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Do I Have to Pay Georgia Ad Valorem Tax on a Car From Another State?

how long do i have to tax my new car

Cars purchased out of state and brought to Georgia must pay Georgia tax and registration fees.

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Georgia residents who purchase vehicles outside the state are not likely to find much of a break on taxes. Cars purchased outside the state may avoid a specific sales tax when initially acquired. However, once brought into Georgia, the vehicle must be titled under state law through the Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles (GADMV) and will become subject to ad valorem taxes based on the value of the vehicle.

Vehicles Bought in Another State

Georgia regards automobiles, trucks and other transport vehicles purchased out of state as

taxable goods. Residents of Georgia who purchase new or used vehicles in another state are expected to pay use taxes upon returning with the vehicle to Georgia if they did not pay sales taxes in the state where the vehicle was bought. A typical bill of sale will suffice as documentation of the purchase, but other documents such as proof of residence, emissions, proof of insurance and more may be required. Ad valorem tax will be assessed on the newly purchased vehicle once the owner attempts to register the car title in Georgia. Car titling and registration — two separate procedures — will need to be done at the same time.

Ad Valorem Tax in Georgia

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