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how long do tax refunds take

Applying for a tax refund

When is the best time to apply to see if I’m eligible for a tax refund? The sooner the better. We can only check the last 5 financial years, so if you wait until after 31 March you will lose the earliest year’s refund. Why do I have to wait longer for last year’s tax refund? The IRD does not process refunds for the latest financial year until around mid-June each year. For example, refunds for the 2013/2014 financial year will not be processed until sometime in June 2014. This delay in processing does not impact refunds for previous financial years. What if I have to pay tax? MyTax only file a tax assessment if a refund is due, not if you are assessed as having tax to pay. We have a spotless record for only filing tax refunds, not bills, so you can be assured of our service record. What does it cost? We have a “no refund – no fee” policy for personal tax summary returns, therefore if you don’t get a refund we won’t charge you a cent. We charge a percentage of your tax refund, and you can earn Fly Buys points on all of our fees. See Our Fees for full details. How long will it take to get my tax refund? We aim to let you know your tax refund result within 1 business day. We also aim to have your tax refund paid to you in around 5 days. Occasionally it can take a longer :

  • if your tax return requires additional information which takes us longer to prepare and file.
  • if your refund is being reviewed at Inland Revenue
  • if you have applied for a tax refund for the latest financial year between April and June. Each year the Inland Revenue will only release the latest years refunds around mid June.

    (E.g. You apply in April 2015 for your 2015 refund – this will not be released until around mid June 2015)

How do I find out what’s happening with my application? Once you have submitted your application online you can check how it’s progressing by signing in to My Account. Here you can also update your personal information and reapply for new financial years. If you’re unsure of anything you can also contact us by phone or email. What details do you need from me? We need some basic information from you in order to process your tax refund. We need your IRD number, which is unique to you, and identifies you personally with the Inland Revenue Department. We also need other personal identification details such as your full name, address, date of birth and photo ID. This is required by the IRD and helps us ensure your personal and financial security. What type of photo ID is accepted The preferred form of photo ID is a valid New Zealand driver’s licence. We also accept the following other forms of ID in combination with a completed Authority To Act form :
  • New Zealand passport
  • Overseas passport with New Zealand immigration visa / permit
  • New Zealand 18+ card
  • New Zealand Firearms licence
  • International Driver’s Permit (issued by a member country of the UN Convention on Road Traffic)
  • New Zealand certificate of identity (issued by Department of Labour or Department of Internal Affairs)
Is my information safe? Absolutely. As practicing tax agents we are strictly confidential and are bound by the Privacy Act 1993 to protect your information. We will never disclose your information without your express written consent except to Inland Revenue, Veda Verification and basic information on our recent refunds page. Our website uses the same technology as internet banking, meaning your information is secure.

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