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How Long Does It Take To Receive An Amended Tax Return?

how long does a amended tax return take

It will take you 8 to 12 weeks to receive an amended tax return. The process involved in amending tax returns takes about six weeks to three months. The process of amending tax returns involves a two-part process, preparing a new 1040 and preparing form 1040X.

Details in the new 1040 should be fully and accurately completed because some of the information in this form will have to be matched with the information in the form you fill out in step two of the amendment process. Accuracy is emphasized in tax amendment because inaccurate details only lengthen the period within which you will receive your amended tax return.

When you file for an amendment on tax returns, you will need to attach all the required documents as required by the IRS Service Center. This is because the IRS centre is usually very keen on details of the amendment.

The second step involved in amendment of tax returns is preparing form 1040X. The 1040X form contains a summary of the contents of your newly prepared 1040. You need your original

tax returns form as well as the new 1040 when you will be filling the 1040X.

The most important part of the 1040X is Part C where you explain the reasons for your tax amendment. The reasons have to be clearly explained otherwise they will be rejected by the IRS. Extra care should be taken when filling out this form.

In filling your tax amendment form, you need to be keen on numbers. A slight mistake with numbers will completely change your details. When filling the form, it is good to double check your salary, deductions and calculations.

Always make sure that you date and append a signature on your tax amendment form. In the event that you were assisted by an accountant to fill your form, he or she should also sign your amendment form.

Once you have submitted the tax amendment forms to IRC, you can check your tax returns amendment status online or call their offices. This way you will know whether your amendment will go through without having to wait for three months.

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